Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Jumping for Joy
Trekking to church in the snow
Mom and the girls
This is all she wanted to do.......... what a sweet little snow angel!
They were really upset to see the white stuff falling!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pizza King 1/11/08

Then on Friday is when the party really got crack-a-lackin at Pizza King. Holy cow I think 1/4 of Albany's kids were there having birthday parties that night because that place was packed up in there. The face painting was a big hit with most of the chicks attending. Some were afraid of the clown and understandably so. So in spite of having to leave the party (because of the soda spillage on the birthday girl) for a wardrobe change and almost losing the baby it was a good time had by most! No, truly we had a blast and love and appreciate all our friends who were there. We love our Alyssa soooooo much and can't believe she is 3. Such a great helper to mom, smart, warm, caring, and full of energy. She is a joy in our home!!!!!!

Alyssa's 3rd Birthday!! 1/10/08

We had a great time with Alyssa's B-day!! Seems like she's been 3 forever already for some reason......hmmm. Mommy and baby Bella got to attend pre-school with Lys on her birthday and disrupt the class the whole time we were there which was fun!!! We brought princess cupcakes and shared them with the class and Alyssa felt very special on her big day! We love our girl