Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Firstborn is BAPTIZED!!!

Saturday was a very special day for our family!!  One we have been looking forward to for a long time!!!  

In our church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"  when you reach the age of 8 you reach the age of "accountability" (able to choose between right and wrong) and you are able to be baptized and become an official member of our church.  Lys turned 8 in January and has been so excited for her special day.  Almost all of Ryan's side of the fam were in attendance (including his parents and brother who drove from Cali) along with my brother Justin, her school/church teachers who she adores and friends from church.

Found this cute invite on pinterest and lys loved it right away! 

I love this sweet girl and her testimony of Jesus Christ.  

And when I saw these two loves of my life coming down the hall in their baptism jumpsuits I lost it, like I knew I would (i'm a crier).  I have never seen my daughter or husband look more amazing than at that moment (other than the day she was born).  It truly was the best day ever knowing that my daughter was taking such a huge step in her life and grateful my husband is worthy and able to baptize her and is such a great example/father to her.

We enjoyed lunch with family and friends afterward at our home which I failed to take pics of but it was a lot of fun and such a great, special day I will never forget it.  As a baptism gift we bought Alyssa her first full set of scriptures which she chose a small blue set with her name engraved in gold lettering!  She was given a journal by her aunt which she is already making good use of and received a beautiful baptism book from her Grammy Marty!!

We are so grateful for her example to her sisters too.  Melayna walked into her preschool class on Friday and announced to everyone: "My lyssa's getting baptized" with a big smile on her face!!!!