Thursday, November 12, 2009

Isabella Grace turns 3!!!!

We were so very fortunate to be able to celebrate Miss Bella Boo's Birthday 3 days before we moved out of town. We have built such a strong connection with sweet friends and family and it was so nice to be able to have one last party together!

We went to Bella's favorite place in the whole wide world Chuck -E - Cheese!!!! The chick goes crazy for Chuck. I don't know what it is about that giant mouse...... anyway, we had a blast like usual with everybody. Bella's favorite memory is that she got to hug chuck and that they pounded it (fist-bumped)!!!!

We love our Bella so much!!!! She has brought so much laughter and joy to our family. The other day Kendra was over and was helping me get the girls down to bed for the night and said "whoa Bella's your kid with sass huh?!?!" Yes Kendra yes. She has a firey temper and is such a lover all at the same time. It's very hard to be mad at her because she is so darn cute. One of her favorite phrases is "try to get me" and then she runs away waiting for you to chase after. The other favorite right now is "Uh..Duh" (this we will have to work on) She is so much fun to be around and wants to be like her big sister in every way! She is so very special and we love her to pieces!!!!
Modeling her new snow white dress-up
Chuck-E's backup singers!!!
lovins from Gram!
Her main man Chuck!!
The gang!! Gweni, Lys, Belly, Addie, Gweni and Maci
Blowing out her candles!
The Fife fam
Bell loves her Auntie
Happy Birthday sweet Baby! And it would make her so mad to know I called her a baby......shhhh don't tell :)