Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My precious girl is 6!!! This child has my heart completely from the moment she was born. She is beautiful on the inside and out, extremely thoughtful of her sisters and parents, she already has a love of reading the scriptures and going to church, she's been bearing her testimony at church since she was 2, is doing so great in kindergarten this year and we are so proud of her.

We've loved this little beauty from the start!!!

And who knew 6 years later she would share her birthday with a Duck National Championship Game?!?!?!?!

Ryan and I built this birthday banner the night before the morning of her B-day!
Grammy and Papa were in town and shared a fun birthday breakfast at Ihop!

Later that day she went to school where she was treated with a crown and cards from the whole class and handed out treats to all her friends!! And then Ry's whole side gathered at Aunt D's for more celebrating Alyssa and her cousin Ty's birthday's and to root on the Ducks!
Dad loves his little Duckie!Gotta have the balloons!!!
This is just part of the crew from her birthday party the following Saturday at Monkey Island!
Did my girl have an awesome time? I think this pretty much says it all!
Cute friends!
After Monkey Island we rushed back to our house did pizza, cake, ice cream and pinata and opened presents!!! Happy Birthday my baby I love you forever and ever!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yes almost officially caught up! Here is the lowdown on Novemeber/December in a nutshell!
This is what Alyssa made at school prior to Thanksgiving break!!! So cute!!!
And she couldn't wait to let Bella try it on!
Traveled to Cali for Thanksgiving so Ryan could have one last chance to see Grandpa before he passed and this is us at Grammy Marty's side get together.
Ryan and his cousins.
Ry doing what he loves best -coaching football for the Lehi Junior High Freshman team!!!!
Ryan's boys - He helped take these guys to a championship in November!!!
On to Christmas Here is Daddy and his baby girl Christmas Morning!!
Let the gift opening begin!
Honestly think this has been played with maybe three times since Christmas
The hair Christmas morning was unusually out of control!!
With such an amazing season of Duck Football I had to get Ry a picture of Autzen Stadium, he needed that especially since we can't just drive by it anymore.

And we also surprised the girls with the news that we are pregnant with BABY #4!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

October Stuff!

Okay only a couple more months to get caught up on I promise!!! So here are the highlights of October!
My sweet sweet Isabella boo bear turned 4!!! This is the morning of.......
my pretty girl
pics from the party! New hello kitty rain boots yay!!!
Part of the birthday crew at Kangaroo Zoo
Birthday Daddy Daughter Date time!!!!!
The Chicks took part in a dance clinic held by the Lehi High Drill team along with their friend Auni and got to perform at half time at the high school's football game! They had such a blast! And they got their hair done by the Paul Mitchell hair school
My awesome hubby was sent this yummy arrangement by his boss for being the recruiter of the quarter!!! WAY TO GO BABE!!!
I know the lighting is bad but I found this on the and made one of my own it was a lot of fun!
This is baby Laynie's Gnome costume! Aren't they cute together!!!!
Bella Boo was Batgirl!!
Miss Alyssa was princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog!
We went to the Lehi Legacy Halloween Party with friends!
Here's the crew at the church trunk or treat held inside due to yucky weather! And Ryan surprised us with a costume of his own at the last minute!
And this is trunk or treat Utah style!