Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Florida Adventure!

First of all I just need to start this post by saying how grateful I am for such a hard-working man who earns us these fabulous trips. THANK YOU HONEY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! This is a completely company sponsered trip that I look forward to every year. The only thing you pay for essentially is souvenirs, and lunches. It is vacationing in a way we would never dream to since we both have these practical sides to us that don't allow us to spend money on staying at the Ritz or paying for room service!! We are so grateful to be a part of this amazing company and also extremely grateful for the great friends and fam that helped with our sweet daughters while we played! This was my first time to Florida!

This was the entryway in our room, which was beautiful!!

I'm so happy to be there with my man alone for a whole week!

The view from our room!
Room Service for breakfast every morning!
Yummmmmy Eggs Benedict!!!! So good!
Day #2 prenatal massage in the spa and Ry golfed most the day!
Night #2 out to dinner at Flemings Steakhouse! Sooooo good! Day #3 at Universal Studios it was such beautiful weather!!!
Doh! Where's Homer?!?!?!
Ry loved this one, wish I could've gone but couldn't in my current condition!
one of the guys from Mummy Returns attraction
Theme party night!
I love my handsome man!
Day #4 we spent mostly at SeaWorld and we loved it! Also my first time there and it was a blast!
These truly are the most precious things on the planet I'm pretty sure! They were amazing and the show they put on all I can say!

Ry guy petting a stingray! Region Managers/Reps pre-dinner party!

Day #5 was raining and 40 degreesish so we stayed in most the day and napped, which was wonderful how often do I do that anymore really?? And Ry had a massage at the spa!

And Day #6 was spent traveling home to our precious babes!!!!