Sunday, December 12, 2010


Still feels weird to say 34 but I don't mind it.

So my sweetheart this year said honey you should go somewhere for your birthday (a little weekend getaway). I could not believe this was coming out of his mouth. He is very money concious and this was not really something I ever thought he would come up with. I was so excited and called my best friend Julie in Oregon and told her what Ry wanted me to do for my birthday and she said let's go to Arizona. Since the nice weather is almost a guarantee there I said let's do it! So we picked a date, booked flights and Julie had hotel arrangements made since she works for Hilton and has great hookups virtually anywhere we would want to go. I have never been away from my kiddos that long and Ryan had never had the kids by himself that long so I made him lists of all the important things to remember which of course made him think I that I thought he didn't know what he was doing but there's lots of little everyday things Dad's don't really ever deal with. In the end I don't think he used my list and every time we talked he kept telling me how easy it was with the kids! Right..... Anyway I am blessed for having an awesome husband who loves me enough to send me away for some R & R and will never forget it. The only problem is I want more trips like this one now. It was the best!!!

Julie and I just back from the pool!

Julie and I out to dinner on my Birthday,

having my favorite food - Sushi yummmmm!!!

did a lot of this!!!!

Treated ourselves to a massage, pedi and
mani at the spa in the hotel

My buddy!

Went to Mac in the mall and got our makeup done!


It was an absolute blast and gave me such a good chance to relax and catch up with my friend who I really don't see much now that we aren't in Oregon anymore. And when I got home I had this waiting for me!!!! My family is too good to me!

And they helped me blow out the candles!

Please bear with me on the old posts I just have to play catch up until I'm caught up!