Saturday, February 14, 2009


I know this isn't the clearest pic but here is Ry's Boys' and Girls' Club Basketball team! We love all these boys and Ryan had a blast being a part of this team, such a great outlet and a fun way for him to be involved in sports again. They just finished there season and did great finishing their last game with a score of 95-54 (or something like that). Anyway, just thought I would put their cute team pic on here, even though I know they'll be ticked off with me if they happen to see it. According to them I was supposed to take their pic before the sweat. Sorry guys, better than no team pic at all though right?

From left: Joseph, Pewter, Scottie-2-hottie, Coach, Riley, Anthony and Josh,
next row: Reed, Nick, Ryan, and last but not least Cody Ray!!!

Team huddle; which Lys and Bella made sure to always be a part of, strange actually that we don't see them in there!I

They were seriously doing spirit fingers in this huddle I promise Ry told me it was hang loose but I know what I saw and those were spirit fingers inside this huddle.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ryan was suprised last month after doing a routine ride-along for a day with his boss Luke (whom our whole family completely adores) that Luke was going to be moving onto another company. For Ry and the rest of the crew this was sad news as Luke truly has been such a great boss; and has been so instrumental in ensuring Ryan's success with the company. So as we were very sad and disappointed to lose Luke, Ryan had had conversations with another boss previously that he was the top of the list for promotable guys in the region. This conversation had only taken place a short time before we found out about Luke leaving and we thought maybe a promo to Luke's spot was possible but maybe sooner than management had been thinking.

Well shortly after Luke's anouncement he got a call from his other boss and..........long story short, after flying the two of us to Sacramento to talk about it, he received the offer to become the Manager for the State of Oregon for his company!!!!!!!!! All his hard work has really paid off and I can't be more proud of my man and all that he has accomplished in a very short time!

I am so grateful for Federated and the company as a whole it has been such a blessing in our lives. I'm thankful they are entrusting him with this new position and can' t wait to see him rise to the challenge. He is sooooo excited to have his own team and see them kick some A!

Ryan, me, and Lukeeeee in Arizona together last year!
Ry and his boss Wendy!
You did it honey :) WAY TO GO!!!!!!