Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids Fun Run!!

Our girlies have wanted to enter a kids race for a while now and I was so excited to find one at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi! It is so cool to watch them compete and enjoy something that is so near and dear to my heart!

So we pull into the parking lot and were a couple minutes late and as we are pulling in their kids run is starting and I'm watching all the kids (from inside my car) take off and my heart sank. Seriously, they had been waiting for this at least a couple months now.....and originally the plan was Ry would run along side them and Layna and I would be the cheerleaders but Ry was driving when we pulled in and he looked at me and said "Mom I'll park the car you go run with the girls hurry!!!!!" So out the 3 of us jumped and we ran all the way from the parking lot to the starting line and so began our race, luckily it was chip-timed, so we would know their actual times at the end. (I know they're just kids; what's the big deal right....but it's fun to know how they did) I did feel like I was torturing them just a little because no sooner did we get thru the start maybe a minute into it and Lys wanted to walk but I pushed her to keep going and held Booboo's hand as we ran the 1 mile course thru the gardens and farm country. Such a fun race!!

Here's sissy lyssy kickin on the turbo speed at the end for a great finish!!

Here's sweet Bella boo and prego mama hand in hand!!!!
Just after the finish with their medals!!!

These sweet sisters sure love each other!!!

In the End Alyssa came in the "6 and under females" category

9th overall and 6th of the 6 yr olds with a time of 11:37 and

Miss Isabella finished 11th overall in the same category and 1st place of all 4 yr old females with a time of 11:43!!!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter this year was a lot of fun!! We had our family Easter Celebration at Ryan's parents new property in Lehi and it was a blast!!
These 16 little faces are a large part of why we moved here to Utah! (#17 baby Preslee was not pictured and #18 isn't quite here yet!) Love each and every one of them and yes I can tell you all their names, ages, and birthdays.

Daddy and Laynie sharing some yummy food!!!
The Loot, Easter Morning!
Our dear sweet Aunt Chani hooked lay lay up with this Sa-Weet Elmo basket after learning of her nieces' slight obsession with the fuzzy lil red guy, and yes she is in the midst of smooching him. Might we have something to do with this obsession??? Maybe a little.......
The ladies in the Easter dresses after church (unfortunately Melayna wasn't pictured she was taking a nap.)

We also had a small Easter gift given to us by my friend and visiting teaching partner Tanya this year that ended up being very very cool. If you haven't heard of "Resurrection Rolls" and want a cool and yummy way to explain the real meaning of Easter to your kids, let me know I will be happy to pass it along!