Friday, February 10, 2012

Making up for lost time....

Do I dare even try.......... So much has happened before and since my last post.
These sweet sisters along with two others not pictured (Chan and Melissa) threw this mama a shower
going back to before Samantha was born
My sweet Auntie's who I never get a chance to see popped in for the occasion. My Aunt and I look nothing alike huh!

Some friends from my ward in attendance!!
Bella and Lys got to be in the Lehi Round Up Parade with their gymnastics teams!!! (Bell is the itty bitty in the center and lys is behind her in the black and red)

Our hot chicks enjoying a treat after the parade
Recovered my old foot rest for my glider for Samanatha's Room!  So excited to see it so clean and nice looking again and sure nuff one of the girls came along shortly after the fact and dirtied it all up again.  At least I have a picture of it!

Made a name plaque for Bella

Loved making this fun glitter frame project I found @
Which I ended up making  Halloween and Christmas ones too!

I just had to capture this pretty girl one Sunday after church!

This guy finally got his wish!  We had lots and lots and lots of concrete poured in the back yard after much debate I actually am glad we did it!

Precious little Samantha in her Daddy's arms!
We blessed this precious baby on August 7th! With the whole Loftin fam there and Celebrated that and Melayna's Bday all in one swoop!

This sweet little elmo lover had her 2nd birthday!

Daddy is such a good sport!


My sweet mama was able to come visit for the 1st time since we've moved here!

I turned another year old and got to celebrate with my mom and fam!

This cute girl played T-ball over the summer and loved it!!!

My sweet friend Andrea (what a great name eh?!?! :)  giving my girls a ride on her horse! (one the true hightlights of their year!)
I've decided I will catch up in doses partly because otherwise this post would reach all the way to China and secondly its 1:03 am currently and I have hit a wall and know I will be paying for it in the morning.  Hey at least tomorrow is Friday right?!?!