Monday, January 3, 2011

October Stuff!

Okay only a couple more months to get caught up on I promise!!! So here are the highlights of October!
My sweet sweet Isabella boo bear turned 4!!! This is the morning of.......
my pretty girl
pics from the party! New hello kitty rain boots yay!!!
Part of the birthday crew at Kangaroo Zoo
Birthday Daddy Daughter Date time!!!!!
The Chicks took part in a dance clinic held by the Lehi High Drill team along with their friend Auni and got to perform at half time at the high school's football game! They had such a blast! And they got their hair done by the Paul Mitchell hair school
My awesome hubby was sent this yummy arrangement by his boss for being the recruiter of the quarter!!! WAY TO GO BABE!!!
I know the lighting is bad but I found this on the and made one of my own it was a lot of fun!
This is baby Laynie's Gnome costume! Aren't they cute together!!!!
Bella Boo was Batgirl!!
Miss Alyssa was princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog!
We went to the Lehi Legacy Halloween Party with friends!
Here's the crew at the church trunk or treat held inside due to yucky weather! And Ryan surprised us with a costume of his own at the last minute!
And this is trunk or treat Utah style!



Ha ha ha I can't get over Lanie's gnome costume, Aurie might have to borrow it next year!


Those "fruit things" are SO COOL! (As was your October)
Utah has ALL THE GOOD STUFF!!! (Including you!)

I love your family. I'm giddy as a school girl that there is going to be another one.
I know you're hoping for a boy, but I'm voting for a girl :)
Those Loftin girls CAN'T BE BEAT!
So sweet and beautiful!


yeah -- up to october!! :)

that trunk or treat is insane!!! makes me laugh.

and very cute halloween wreath -- so crafty ;)

Nicole Stucki

I've said it before and I'll say it again your girls are so cute and so much fun! I just love them! And my cheekas can't get enough of them :).