Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VACA (cont.)

So we went on vacation and it was heaven! The girls got to stay and play with their grandparents in Cali while Ry and I continued on to sunny Arizona for a few days of R & R with Ryan's company Federated Insurance! Ryan worked soooo hard to earn this trip with the help of his boss Luke and ended up earning it in a record amount of time. I am so very proud of his hard work and efforts and am grateful every day that I am married to him. It was very exciting as we sat at the awards ceremony the morning after we arrived and realized the crazy potential there is with this company, we are so happy to be a part of the Federated family and are thankful every day that we've been blessed with such a wonderful opportunity.
So our trip consisted of a beautiful resort called "The Phoenician" where we laid by the pool, read, got a tan, golfed, napped, played volleyball, tennis, visited the spa daily, danced, and ate wonderful food. We've decided it is something we would like to make a regular habbit out of!! Andrea did have a tought time settling into the whole vacation mode early on thinking the girls were going to have such a rough time of it without her but sadly they did not! They had a ball with Grammy Marty, Kent, and Poppa who spoiled them rotten as they bowled, went to the fun zone, played with cousins, did arts and crafts with Gram, and attempted to go fishing with Poppa!! Once mommy spoke with Alyssa on the phone and asked" Alyss do you miss mommy or not really?" and Lys said back "Not really.........but I do", then she decided it was okay to let her hair down and have a great time. Here are a few fun memories from our trip!
Bella Boo just waking up on the way to the Sacramento Airport!
Chillaxin before the party
also chillaxin on the way to the SAC Airport
The landscape was beautiful this was right outside our room!Ry's new girl