Friday, May 1, 2009


Yahoo, I finally have a working computer again! I have missed blogging about the Loftin Happs. I'm so happy that its been resolved and I'm back.
Anyway, March 20th - 26th we went to Maui with Ryan's company Federated, and loved every minute of it!!! They completely pamper you while you are there and it is for employees and their spouses only darnit..... Thank you Federated and thank you honey for getting us there!
I don't think my jaw came off the floor until at least the 2nd day we were there. It being my first time to Hawaii I was amazed at the pure beauty of the flowers, the ocean views and lets be honest the resort we stayed at. All lived up to my expectations and then some.....

We so enjoyed ourselves and felt so very blessed to know that our children were in such capable hands as Aunt D's and Uncle Bill's and their boys in Utah, not to mention the rest of the fam that assisted in looking after them!!! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Just arriving kinda sleepy from the early morning flight to our beautiful hotel the Grand Wailea
Here are some of the things we saw and did while we were there!
View from the helicopter ride!!
What a guy! I'm so proud of my guy and all he's accomplished! Thanks for getting us to Hawaii honey!
Can you feel my excitement?!?!?
Anyone see the Jon & Kate plus 8 episode of them renewing their vows??? Here is that same little chapel right outside our room, at our hotel Welcome reception; me and my sweetie!
Scott, Ryan, and Nate - these are Ryan's guys who make it happen!! Way to go guys!
Me and the prego belly ready for the pool!
Anyone see my beast in that crowd??? Hey muscles come here often?
Lovin the helicopter ride......Weeeeeeeee :)
No that is not a fanny pack!
Katie, Adam, Ryan, and me
Managers and spouses
The final night!
Hawaiin babes wearin their souvies!


The Hojnackes

Looks like so much fun! I want to go to Hawaii!


yay- glad your finally back on here. your trip looks so great -- i'd live in hawaii in a minute if i could. i loooove it :)


haha - thanks for making it public it is NOT a fanny pack :-)

I am so happy for you guys. What a fun trip!

(And so glad you have a computer now too! I've missed your posts!)

The Loftins

Why thank ya mam! I thought that was too funny so I had to put it in there, cuz it does sort of look like one.

Mands Glenn

I'm so jealous right now. You look so gorgeous pregnant, Girl. Seriously! Jordan promised me a Hawaii trip after we graduate from Med. School. 2 more years baby! Your trip looked amazing!!

Hokie Family

Sweet trip! congrats on the diaperless toddler. I think it's going to be a while for Gabe. So I missed what the sex of your baby is. Curious.

Hokie Family

Okay I just saw the name. YESSSSS! Three girls! That ups the odds of one of our kids marrying each other.

The Loftins

Manda, thanks so much that is so nice as I do not feel so cute right now, just big. And what a great reward that will be after med school, that'll be great!!!

Heather, is that so funny we are totally increasing the odds of our kids hooking up! Keep em comin sister!


that looks like SO much fun :D I wanna go so bad!

the good news about my computer is it won't cost me a dime - we have a full/entire replacement warranty that is in effect until september so I just have to take it in and be w/out it (it's like losing an arm I tell ya!)