Friday, June 24, 2011

Mom I'm Famous!!!

This was a fun surprise the other night.... When we first moved here to Utah our neighbor down the street who is a professional photographer asked if Alyssa and I would be models for a photo shoot in the kitchen, we thought it would be fun so we said sure! He sells these pics for advertisements but doesn't know when, where, or what they'll end up in, but if they ever hear of where our pics go they'd let us know.

So I was on facebook the other night and came across a post from my friend Heather in our ward at church asking if we had ever taken a pic making a pie, because she thinks its us in the LIVING magazine??? Could this of those pictures we took almost a year and a half ago? It killed me that I was home that night by myself with the ladies and they were already in bed so I couldn't just run to the store and see for myself. I had to wait until morning and when we got to Walmart and opened it up I could not believe it..... there we were in a full page ad. The most fun thing was Alyssa's reaction. I hadn't told her why we were there looking at the magazine so when I found the page I turned it around and showed her and she looked confused for a minute and then said "Mom that's us, oh my gosh, I'm famous".

We have been told that some of the other pics they took that day have sold they just don't know where they went!



What a crazy surprise, you do make lovely models!! Now we'll all be on the lookout for where you'll turn up next!

Nicole Stucki

My UT bestie is famous!!!! Lol. Check you two out! I can't believe how much older Alyssa is now. She looks so cute!


That's so cute! I love it :)


HOW FUN!!! I'll have to go buy one of those magazines - my girls will flip :)

The Hojnackes

How fun! What a great surprise!

Mands Glenn

LOVE IT! You guys are famous models. I still think it's funny that I actually saw the ad in the Martha Stewart LIving magazine and then went and told my sister that I swear it was you and she was like, " Um go read her blog." Ha! It totally was you. You boy looked like perfect models!


That is so cool! SO COOL!