Sunday, November 16, 2008

True story!

These are our pics from one of the last races we ran which was the Oregon State Fair Run in August which includes free admission to the fair and a shirt. Who can pass that up right? Even though you are all sweaty its a good time for the whole fam!!! So I felt like I prepared harder for this race than I had in comparison to other races I had run over the summer and really wanted to see what I was made of so.......I lined up along side Joel who is faster than lightning and took off trying to keep up with him at the start which was almost painful in a way just getting the breathing figured out at that pace, once I allowed myself to slow down I was doing alright and clipping along at a decent pace, Ryan was somewhere behind pushing the girls in the double stroller (which is so fun and I have such an awesome hubby to do rock honey!!!) anyway, on the homestretch of this 5k I felt people steadily start to pass me at which point I was muttering things of a competitive nature that I cannot repeat about the people passing me which surprised me because typically I'm a little more tolerant. I rounded the last corner and was soooo happy in seeing the finish line just down the stretch, so I turned it on, I really wanted 1st in my age group (when I have placed it's always been 3rd place, it's tough though all these other 30-somethings really have something to prove, I guess :) anyway I could feel someone right on my heels so I gave it all I had and as I exerted that extra bit of energy I could feel leaking and I realized I was peeing myself . (This was horrific and I immediately attributed it to birthing two babies ) However, as a 30-something myself with everything to prove I ignored it and carried on through the finish line with a small trickle of pee running down my leg and you better believe I beat that guy that was right on my tail (good thing I had dark shorts on)!!! I am proud to say I finished that 5k with a Personal Best time of just around 25 min. and I placed.......(you guessed it) 3rd!!! And my amazing double stroller pushing husband pulled in around 28 min. and placed.....3rd in his age division. What a stud I was so very proud of him especially since with the stroller & girls it tacks on an extra 70 lbs to his 250 he's already carrying. We each got a ribbon and finished off the morning with the fair which the girls absolutely loved! I'd like Joel to know if he reads this how very appreciative we are for running this with us just to try to win some Doodle Bop tickets for our girls. And this was the day before he and Lisa went on their month long amazing journey through Europe. (Last year Joel ran so fast and won like 6 tickets to any concert of his choosing at the fair but for some reason they didn't have the rockin prizes like they did last year just some weird black hats with a catchy "NO METH" slogan on them for the big winners woohoo!!)
Hi Ho Silver..........and away!!!!
Our Cheerleaders!!
The Crew (Joel, Bella boo, Ry, Lys, and me) post race
Bella and a cute little mini horse at the fair (just her size)!

Bella's my cautious baby she doesn't like riding on the horses yet!
How cute are they?!?!?



I love that you can laugh about peeing on yourself. My only question did you have something to change into at the fair?

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So glad you found us! I'll follow you, too! We've missed you!


Oh my gosh!!! I love this story!!! Way to be a trooper!!!