Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hughson H.S. Reunion / Trip to Cali

October 18th, 2008 was the big 10 Year Hughson High School Reunion for Ryan!!! (GO HUSKIES!!!)

With high school being one of Ryan's fondest memories there was no question that we would make the trip (not to mention that even if it meant driving all the way to Cali, it was worth it to be able to go on a date). It was a lot of fun, great food, fun pics from back in the day to look at, and lots of reminiscing going on. Although we were missing a lot of Ryan's close friends we were glad we made the trip! Below are some pics from the reunion and our visit to the pumpkin patch!
Lys said she wanted the Biggest horse they had!! (mind u this was her 1st time on a horse ever, brave girl)
Lys is trying to figure out how to feed her sister to the giant wooden pumpkin thing.Bella had a great time on her pony ride!!! (do you see the sheer terror?)
At gram's house, this is how we found them sleeping after coming in to check on them.
Pumpkin patch!Reunion pics
Sorry this is pretty pointless its very hard to see anyone but what the hey!

More reunion pics......(you can't really see it very well but the guy in the white shirt had the coolest mustache ever!)



I can't believe that Ryan just had his 10 year reunion. You guys look so dang good and the girls are adorable.

I love the post about the twirling dresses. So precious.


I cant believe we been out of hs for 10 years, it was great meeting you you &andrea. Take Care!


so how many of those gils did ryan make-out with?? ;)

JJ, Mands, and Lil

Ohhh I missed it! You guys are so great to make the long trip to Ca. for the reunion. It would be fun just to reunite with you guys and hang out next time you are in Hughson and we are in Hughson. WHo knows when that will be? Your girls are seriously so Gorgeous and look like so much fun! I really don't know if I would have recognized everybody from high school. AHhhh