Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Would love to show you our Thanksgiving pics...............

However, my sweet 3 almost 4 year old decided to be in charge of taking some pics at some point while we were at Grammy's and erased all of our Thanksgiving pics. You may ask yourself was I angry or frustrated about this??? Let's just say after I gave Alyssa a good talking to about how the camera is not a toy.... yada yada yada, I put myself in timeout. About an hour later I told my mother in law it was time for me to stop pouting about it, what's done is done. But seriously though one of the pics I had was truly priceless and I have thought of re-enacting it but don't think we'd do the original justice. I guess this helps us to know what to get her for Christmas! So...... this is a tribute to my precious girl who I cannot stay upset with !

So the skinny on Thanksgiving or the fat whichever way you want to look at it:
1) taught Uncle Kent how to make/eat the oh-so-yummy white choc. covered rice crispy treats 2) watched movies every night after the kids went to bed w/Uncle Kent until we were delirious
3) Turkey Din din with all the trimgs at the church with Gram Marty's Fam @ 1pm
3.5) Time to purge ourselves and get ready for Round 2!
4) Turkey Din with Great Gram and Gamp Loftin back at the Loftins same day @ 5pm
5) Black Friday Shopping with Marty, (didn't get up too early tho and still got the deals which we were very proud of :)
6) Bowling extravaganza with Uncle Kent
7) The guys took their ritual fishing trip
8) And we finished our trip with a GLORIOUS VICTORY over the BEAVS!!!!!! 65-38 GO DUCKS BABY!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Lyssie Lou Who!!!

Pretty hard to be very upset with this face darnit.
Lys and Bellie Boo snuggling!
Dance your lil jig girl. :)
And here is the Head Turkey!


The Hojnackes

Andrea, will you email me you address so I can send you a Christmas card?

The Loftins

Absolutely, except I don't know your e-mail address do you still have the same phone # I might have that somewhere?


April Conference we are coming to Albany. I have been craving Chocolate Gravy!!!! YUMMM!

The Loftins

Bring it girl you know that's still our tradition! We'd love to have you guys that'd be fun!

Hokie Family

Your a bigger person then me. I would have freaked! i should probably join photo addiction group. My family doesn't even bring their camaras anymore.
Miss you guys! Have a merry Christmas!