Thursday, December 11, 2008

Takin one for the Loftin Team :)

This picture is a little blurry, my apologies. For our ward Christmas party last weekend there was a talent portion. There was a sign up sheet that floated around one Sunday and I of course signed us up to sing and dance! I continually told my family all week "ok guys we've gotta get somethin together for the Christmas party but nothing......... So it came down to Ryan asking Alyss that morning if she would like to sing at the talent show and she said "yeah dad, sure!!" She practiced up on I am a Child of God and when it was her turn (Ry had coached her with her intro before hand), she bravely went up in front of a packed gym full of people chowin down on their dinner and said this "Hi Everyone, I'm Alyssa.........Merry Christmas!" and then she sang the sweetest 1st vs. of I am a Child of God I have ever heard.

Way to take one for the team sweetie, you did a beatiful job and made mommy cry happy tears!
Bella did try to make a grab for the microphone and not knowing what she had prepared Ry snatched it from her. But she stated that she wanted to sing too. Later on this week we were driving home from somewhere and Alyssa said, (totally out of the blue).....Dad, Heavenly Father is going to put you in time out for not letting Bella sing.



That is too adorable! Where's the dang video camera when you need it!!!

The Loftins

I know I wish I would have gotten that on video, but I was so consumed with making rolls for the dinner and I totally spaced it. Yes, homemade rolls are delish.... but man do they take forever. I think I need to bypass some of the sign up sheets when they come around.

JJ, Mands, Lilly and Lola

OHhh my heart just melted this morning reading that cute story. What a brave little girl! I love that she totally introduced herself at the beginning and said Merry Christmas! THat is truly when the video camera would have been perfect. Shoot.

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