Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Miracle!!!!

This Christmas was really great! We had a ton of fun with the girls watching the sweet, excited, surprised expressions on Christmas morning, caroling and dropping off goodies to friends on Christmas Eve, teaching them more about Christ's birth, sending and receiving the Christmas cards and putting them up for display, playing in the snow, attending Christmas parties, going to Grammy Judy's for Christmas and just being together! I love my family and feel very blessed.

For the Miracle part......we found out we are pregnant and due in August and are very excited! For me and my sweet family that was the very best Christmas present of all. Alyssa is already asking me daily "Mom, what does the baby look like today?"......maybe I shouldn't have told her quite so early but its fun to have the girls involved!

Beller opeing her gift from Lys on Christmas Eve (princess flashlight)
Alyss opening her sweet purse from Booboo
The girls is their awesome princess jammies from the Fife's! They looooove these, thanks guys!
Alyss in one of her Christmas sweater's (really mom a Christmas sweater?.......)
Christmas morning in the new dress ups!
Bella on her prize possesion and is it just me or does Alyss look like part of that box?
Daddy and his girls getting ready to play in the snow!
Christmas dresses!
Settling down for a long winter's nap!
This is how Ryan found them snuggled up together in Lys's bed on Christmas night, how sweet are they!


The Hojnackes

Congratulations! I'm still trying to convince Jeff we should try for a boy. Not sure it will ever happen.
And yes, I made Alona's dress. From start to finish, on Christmas Eve!

JJ, Mands, Lilly and Lola

I love the Christmas dresses. So Stylish! I love how they can sleep together and snuggle up with eachother. Soo sweet!

Kris Farrar

LOVE the crowns! Sooooo... I want ask, hypothetically, would you lend out your ultrasound pictures to a friend? Just for fun!

The Loftins

Kris, I do looooove the crowns as well they are one of my favorite things of all. You do fantastic work. And of course, as soon as I get some Ultrasound pics I would loan them out. I haven't even been to the doc yet, probably going to make an appt. today.


congratulations! I am excited for you guys. I can't believe this will be #3. Do you remember when you did that chinese baby thing with the paper clip? I wish I could remember what the order was.

Love you guys and Congrats again.

The Loftins

Thank you thank you! I totally can't remember the order....I'm thinkin it was girl boy girl boy or the other way around but obviously the pencil was confused. I totally forgot we did that how funny :) What about your order do you remember what yours was?


Congrats on your little Christmas Miracle! That is always fun news :) I am adding you to my blog tracking list, hope that's ok :D


Congrats!!!! That's wonderful news!!! I think your oldest is your mini-me...she looks JUST like you! :-)