Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Day (whaddu do?!?!?) / THings I enjoy about being pregnant!

So Really..... what are your traditions on New Year's Day???? I really do want to know, anyone who knows me knows that I am not so creative but love to use other's great ideas (which I usually give full credit to the creator of the idea, promise!!!).

So New Year's Eve was spent with Ry @ home with the ladies and me chapperoning the youth dance. I waited till last min. as usual to find a sitter which is why my sweet hubby didn't come with me. Sorry about that honey, I still feel bad about that. Anywho, I didn't get home till about 1:00am so needless to say (and being pg) I was a little tired the next day.

New Year's Day Ry worked on the attic project and I worked some around the house and hung out with the kiddos. That evening feeling still tired Ry decided we should go out to dinner!!!!! YES!!! I was off the hook for the night. So we went to a local pizza joint and when we pulled up I noticed on the sign it was"family kerioke night" Oh boy oh boy oh boy...... I instantly knew this was going to be a good time and it was. So all in all it was a nice New Year's Eve and Day. I hope your's was well and that you all have a terrific New Year!!!
Wondering what I was doing trying to sing Gwen Stefani, "Hollaback Girl". They didn't have much selection so I thought I'd give it a try and it was way too fast for this chick. So I sang a little Lauren Hill and redeemed myself, on the way out the door a lady eating her pizza said your mommy has a good voice to one of the girls! Thanks lady I owe you one.
Ryan and his backup singers! Not gonna brag but he may be in the wrong line of work. Dang my husband can sing.
The girls sang together with Ry "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and did a fine job!
Here's Izzie singing Jingle Bells, rockin the mic! I was just there to keep her from swalloing it, and yes for some reason Jeapordy was playing on the TV behind her, no idea why?!?!?!
I love zits! These are always delightful little visitors that I so look forward to when I'm pg.



Hah! There is no shame in zits, my friend. (Said the chick who had to go on ACUTANE in her 30's!)
Next time you are heading to pizza king, you let me know! Looks like a good time.

The Loftins

You betch your sweet bum we'll get you in on the action next time around. We know that you can rock the mic like no other sister.


How fun!!! Tell Ryan to go the next round of American Idol!! LOL! Then I can say I sort of know someone on it! LOL! We were pretty laid back this year too. Glad you had such a good time!


I would have to be heavily medicated or drunk to get on stage and sing. Bravo Loftins.

So excited about your pregnancy! Three is crazy and wonderful.