Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's 4 Now!!!

January 10, 2005 Our sweet baby girl Alyssa was welcomed into the world!!!
Then she turned 1 :)
Then she turned 2 and played soccer with Dad!
Then she turned 3 and went crazy!!!
And Now She's 4. I can't really believe it, everyone tells you enjoy every moment because it goes fast and well, there right about that. (Ry and I made this cake together. It was a lot of fun)
We have wonderful friends who opened up there home/pool to host a pool party for Lys's B-day!
This was interesting all the sudden I turned around and Ryan was pulling everyone in the pool while they held onto a water noodle!!! It was pretty stinkin funny!
Look out below!
Daddy and the Birthday girl havin a ball, these two are so cute together!
There she is my big girl, happy Birthday Lys! We love you and have cherished every second with you. You are a blessing to our family and you are a beautiful girl inside and out.



wow, she looks a LOT like you and what a FUN party!


Looks like a great party!!! Super cute pics!!!

JJ, Mands, Lilly and Lola

Ohhh what cute pictures! I love her birthday cake. So cute! I might have to steal the idea for one of my girl's birthday cakes. This was such a cute post. You guys are such the Gorgeous family I must add.

Ohhh about Lolas bows. I did make them. We have the greatest store around here called Sass that carries elastic lace for like .50 a yard and felt that is super cheap. If you are ever looking for something specific email me and I can mail it to ya!


and thanks about my post, I wouldn't trade the baby stage for anything - but baby + ear infection stage....yeah I might trade that one :D


Alyssa is such a sweet girl! Me heart her!

The Hojnackes

Wow! She has grown so much. I still see her as the baby in those pictures I took of her with Alona. She is just so beautiful!

Hokie Family

The 1 year old picture is the girl I remember. Thanks for checking me out. Congrats on the pregoness. when are you due? Who else is prego? j&l? E&M


ummmm... where's the halo that was supposed to be on this cake?

The Loftins

stupid Halo!


Andrea, I like the cake that you had for your daughter b-day;). Your daughter is beautiful.


Happy Birthday! I can't believe she's 4 already. Looks like a rockin' party.