Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Haircut.

It's been 4 years and I have not touched this child's hair, not even a trim.
We mentioned the idea when her hair really took off growing that maybe she could grow it long one day and donate to kids who are sick and have no hair, as soon as we mentioned it she was all about it. This has been a long time coming though I think we mentioned it to her when she was 2 and 1/2 maybe 3. We knew the time was coming as it was getting really long, (down to her bum when it was wet) so we asked if she wanted to do it around her birthday and she liked that idea! So the day before her B-day after pre-school the whole fam went over to Great Clips who does Locks of Love cuts for free and finally went through with it.

I was getting really attached to this beautiful hair. Sweet girl, she was so calm.
Here is the point that I really lost it and started bawling. Since I've never cut it that was her actual baby hair she was born with, thanks a lot to whichever friend of mine made that point. I don't usually think that deep but when that was pointed out to me it made me cry that much harder.

As I'm wiping tears away (husband next to me consoling me) Alyssa still remains calm as a cucumber and says "Mom, Everything's gonna be okay", "Mom, are you okay" , Mom, don't cry it's okay" "Okay mom it's gonna be alright". I eventually pulled my hormonal self together.... how embarrasing.
We are soooooo proud of this kid and the kind heart she's developed for others. Way to go Alyssa and we loooove her new look.



Ah, what a sweet girl. We've been planning on doing Belle's for FOREVER and I just CAN'T do it, i'm such a baby. How much did they want to be able to donate it? I get all different measurements from people.

And, the new 90210, it is just as terribly bad as the 1st. You HAVE to watch from the beginning tho - you can watch them online to catch up. But dang i'd pay a bunch of money (if I had it) to be as skinny as those girls! ;)

The Loftins

The official word from Great Clips is 7-10 inches. I understand about being a baby about the whole thing TRUST ME. Very embarrasing when your 4 year old is trying to comfort you.