Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a busy month......

Our June was filled with all kinds of craziness which I appreciate, as it makes time fly by being pregnant!

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!! I am soooooo so grateful I am married to this man!
1st their was the princess pool, which the girls loved until...... Alyssa decided our cat Tink should go swimming with them too
Then we threw a shower for our dear friend Lisa to celebrate her upcoming arrival!!!!

Here's the lineup beginning with Lisa (due 7/3), Jess (due 7/17), Alicia (due 8/5) and Me (due 8/16) all within just about two weeks of each other and yes it has been fun!!!

Then our cat Tink had kittens, 5 of them, thanks cat. I guess she was just throwin another thing in the mix to keep me busy till the baby comes. Kittens are ready for new homes 8/2 by the way for anyone interested!!

Here is one of our kitten handler / trainer Bella boo with Snow White in the pocket of her snuggie.

Then Lyssa Lou started T-Ball which has been a ton of fun and she loves it!
Swing batta batta s-a-wing!!!
Little studmuffin! She's dying to get her hands or mit on the ball!

And last but certainly not least my hard working man got to make a long awaited purchase! And wouldn't you know it it's already in the shop.......yikes.



All in a days work!

Can't wait to see what July brings...

The Hojnackes

Sounds like a fun month!


i love the kitten in thye pocket -- too cute -- still need to come see those little guys

Mands Glenn

I love the T-ball pics. I can't wait until Lil starts. Boys totally make the big, fun purchases and we get the everyday small things. Rys new ride looks like so much fun! Have fun! Baby Loftin is coming so soon. Good luck with everything