Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well cat's out of the bag........we are officially Utah Bound. Ryan has accepted an offer to relocate our family to Utah and open up the state for business by October 1st. So between now and then we will be very busy selling our home, having a baby, looking for a new home, getting in as many Duck games as we can, blessing our baby and spending as much time with Oregon friends and family as we can. So much to do.........

His primary responsibility in the beginning will be to find and hire a sales team, which in this poor economy wouldn't seem like a big task with unemployment being what it is but believe it or not it IS. So much so that finding a replacement for one of his guys in Portland has his stress level at a critical point and his Ulcerative Colitis is rearing it's ugly head again. Anyway, I have faith that he will be blessed with a huge pool of super star candidates ready to get to work in Utah!

This is a huge change for our family as neither one of us has ever lived there, visited yes but never lived. Ryan has been dying to get out there to be closer to his brothers and sisters and their families and now the time has finally come and he is thrilled. I am excited for the opportunity for our girls to be able to spend time with their cousins and remember how much I enjoyed that from my childhood! We are hoping it will lend us a better chance to get to the temple more often and let's face it the shopping will be a bit of an improvement from what sweet lil Albany has had to offer us. We will miss all our friends and family dearly and I say that tearfully.

In the meantime ......we are still waiting for our baby girl to make her arrival and can't wait to meet her!!! I'm praying and hoping that she gets here soon. If she is not here within this next week she will be evicted via induction on Friday the 14th!!!

Here are some of the ways we have been biding our time waiting for this kiddo!

Welcoming new friends into the world!

Discovering the fish that is Alyssa
Painting fingers
.........and toes!
So pinkalicious!!!
Taking a ride down the slide at the cool pool!!
And finding new homes for these adorable lil friends!



what part of Utah and what kind of sales? My brother in law is in sales.....

maybe this could be a win win - I could see you again and we could maybe help out my BIL and your DH!


I don't know what your husband does, but if it pays really well, maybe it's something Josh would be interested in and I would LOVE to live in Utah!!! LOL!
This sounds like a great adventure for your family. I know you guys will love living's awesome!! :-)

The Loftins

Jen, please do have your Brother in Law and Paula your hubby send their resumes on to my hubby if they would really be interested. His company sells commercial prop/liability insurance, life insurance, and disability. I can't say enough good things about this company and how they have treated us, I would encourage anyone to work for them! You have to have a degree and be highly motivated. We will probably be searching somewhere around the Lehi area but I don't remember where the open territories will be that he is hiring for as I just briefly saw the list during a meeting last week.


we are going to miss you guys so much. I just ran it past the girls yesterday to make sure that they understood that you were moving. They didn't really like that. And apparently it has been on Gwenny's mind because she was talking to my mom today and the first thing she said was - "did you know that Alyssa and Bella and Andrea and Ryan are moving away?"
we'll will just look on the bright side and see it as just another reason to come visit Utah :)


ok, well the degree thing puts Matt right out of the running - he doesn't have a degree but he has TONZ of experience - I don't know if it is one of those *degree or x years sales experience* type deals but LMK.

Lehi is just about 15 minutes south of us on the free way so if you look there you'll be pretty close I bet :)


I'm so sad you guys are leaving, I'm in denial. We will be sure to see you whenever we are out that way. What an exciting new adventure for you guys!

Mands Glenn

What a bitter sweet thing. YOu have so much on your plate right now. Im stressed and we are just moving. Good luck with everything. You will love Utah. There is so much to do there.


Lucky for us you'll be living right in the area we visit twice a year!
That's the sliver lining on this cloud of mine.

Kevin Jones

YAY YOU TWO! How great is that. I am excited that you get to go do something adventurous. I know he will do great and that you both will make lots of friends their.

BTW - you may / not have heard, we are moving to Alabama. I am there and Kel and the kids are coming soon. Fun fun!