Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1st Christmas in Utah!!

This Christmas was a chance to take a much needed pause from the hustle and bustle of our every day lives..............and that's just what we did! It was our first Christmas in Utah in our new home!
Ry and the girls bundled up to hunt for that perfect tree!

A) Do they look a little cold to you???

B)Take a good look at that beaut, cuz it's the last real tree we'll have while living here in Utah. ( A cool $50 later, seriously??? We all know where those trees come from.........)Our first big snow! So much fun!!!! Bella loved trimming the tree!
Our friend Joseph who just left for his mission was there to help too!
Bella and Lyss's pre-school Christmas program
If this isn't the real santa?!?!?!? We believe!!! My sweet Lys :)
This pic of the cousins cracks me up! Tyce, Jackson, Bella, and Lys
.......and I want a pony, a barbie, etc. etc. etc, are you getting all this santa?! My sweet girls and I Christmas eve night. I was diagnosed with strep on the 23rd and got a gnarly penacillan shot in my hip/back and bam it was gone by Christmas. I love modern medicine, just wish I would've taken a pic of the softball size bruise it left it was awesome!!!

We missed and celebrated our friend, Kevin Michael's 30th birthday on December 24th by watching one of the last movies he was in.

My sweet little Layna snow angel baby
My favorite pic from Christmas Day!
Let me show you how this works Layna!

And the girls rode off into the sunset with their Daddy by their side!



That IS a little Fairytale!

Mands Glenn

Ahhh looked like the perfect Christmas. Layna is like a minature Ryan. She looks so much like him. Your home looks gorgeous. Enjoy Utah! We miss it sometimes, especially in the summer!