Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alyssa turns 5!

My how fast the time has flown since my precious baby Alyssa was placed in my arms and I got to look in her beautiful eyes and meet her for the first time! And now she's 5........When did that happen?

Alyssa is a smart, beautiful, and sweet young lady. She's currently enrolled in pre-school, is working very hard on her reading and writing and in the fall will be moving on to Kindergarten! She loves her gymnastics class and also wants to take karate, dance, basketball, and swimming. (however, I like to keep the classes down to one at a time otherwise I think it's a little overwhelming for them and me). She misses her Oregon friends a ton but is enjoying playing with her cousins. She is a huge help with her sisters and loves to bake with me! We love her dearly and are so proud and happy to call her our daughter! Happy Birthday Sweet babe! LOVE YOU BIG - Mom, Dad, Bella, and Layna
The night before her big birthday bash with the big family (all the cousins,aunts,and uncles) She and Ry had a daddy- daughter birthday date!! She was able to pick whatever she wanted to do and wherever she wanted to eat and she chose bowling and McD's!! She was so proud that she beat daddy and bowled a score of 99! This date will be a new tradition in our family for the girls on their birthdays, as she felt so special and was beaming when she came home!

The next day we had her big family party complete with swimming (her fave) at the Legacy Center in Lehi and back to our house for pizza, pinata, cake, and ice cream which was a ton of fun!

The next day was her actual B-day on Sunday and we saved her big present for then and let her open it after dinner of her choosing

And last but not least her special request was to get her first pedicure at the salon with Mommy and we were finally able to make time for it yesterday!! It was so much fun

(had to crop this to cut out the cankle I'm currently sporting. Hopefully getting surgery on that soon!)



is it just me or does she look EXACTLY the same? So cute!


what kind of camera do you have?

The Loftins

It's a Nikon Coolpix L100, got it at Costco last summer.


ahhh little Lyss. Can you believe our girls will be going to kindergarten in the fall?!?!?! Crazy!!
Wish we could of been there to celebrate. We love you Alyssa!!