Monday, February 1, 2010

The Disposable Sweater!

This is how my sweater looked when I bought it
This is how my sweater looked after it's 1st wash on delicate of course like the tag says
And unless you want to hand press every individual freakin petal (who has that kind of time, not I) this is a one time- wear / throw-away / disposable sweater.
So I was in a mood last week...... one of those moods where you don't really worry about saying exactly how you feel. And I was out shopping for my trip to Australia in my new found favorite store where I previously had purchased this sweater and I had to say something about it and this is how it went.........

Me: "you know that flower sweater that is so cute that I washed once and all the flowers have shriveled up and now looks like GARBAGE, and I can't wear it now?"
Manager: Oh yeah I got the same one washed it once and same thing happened to mine so I had to get rid of it.....
Me: (growing angrier by the second) "Well I'm sorry but that's not ok with me, I don't buy things to wear them once and get rid of em" and (quite frankly in my opinion she is just silly if she is going to accept that) I want to talk to your...........looking at her tag ohhhhhhh she is the manager. Hmmmm....
Manager: "Well I can't really do anything on my end I'd have to talk to corporate about this (this store does not return things. And when and if they do it's for in-store credit and they are very strict on their 30 day policy) and my 30 days was long up and gone.

Me: "Yes please you call corporate I will wait right here."....... I'm happy to report that once she got ahold of corporate a few days later she granted me a return for in-store credit.
Moral of the story ladies is we do not have to take crap like this laying down or standing up!! When something doesn't make sense question it. The End!


The Hojnackes

I would have taken it back too! It doesn't matter what their return policy is- if it is defective (and it clearly was) they should take it back. Good for you for saying exactly how you felt in this instance!


You are on tough chick!
You don't take the crap :)
Way to go!
(cute sweater!)
And so glad that lil sissy is feeling better.

Mands Glenn

Ummm I was just looking at that cute sweater in the down east catalog last night thinking I want it. Nevermind!! Grrrrr. . .. My sister ordered a dress from them and it came with like this huge rip down the back. I love their style, but not so much the service and dis-respect. Way to stand up and tell em what you want. The older I get the more empowered I feel and the more I can do things like this. When I was 18 I would have just let them push me aside, but not anymore. 30 on Monday, Baby! Way to go, GIRL!


haha-- i'd be the one to bottle it up and sit there and iron ever petal. :)
good for you!! :)