Friday, February 5, 2010


Our trip to Australia turned into......

a trip to

The day before we were supposed to leave for Australia
our sweet 5 month old baby who already had croup was

diagnosed with
Pnuemonia in the
and later that same night
in the ER
with RSV.
They admitted her the day we were supposed to leave. I probably analyze things too much but for me the timing of this was all too strange. And as disappointing as it was to miss out on a trip like this to Australia (all paid for by Ry's company) we knew where we were needed and were humbled by it all.
We were there from Sunday night to Wednesday afternoon.
We received numerous calls from friends and family offering their love and support while she was there and even when she got out.

Sweet tired tan Ryan with his little sickie baby.

This was the scrumptious meal prepared by our VT's Wednesday night when we were able to bring Laynie home.

A whole chicken
with potatoes
carrots, (rolls not pictured)

Jello salad w/sprinkles
(a big hit with the girls :)
especially since I am not a jello maker at all.

And a chocolate cake to top it all off! This was a big hit with Ryan :)

These sweet ladies went all out for us.

In the end we have a happy healthy baby, are saving lots of money from all the stuff we've been returning from our trip(plus not having to pay taxes on the trip), are still kinda tan since we had to build our base tan before we left, and have discovered a whole new appreciation for our children and the love we have for them and that we would do absolutely anything in our power for them. We've joked that one day when Melayna is a teenager and angry at us about something we'll tell her "We love you so much and we can prove it.."


Mands Glenn

Gosh, how crazy was that and the timing. Sorry you didn't get to go on the trip. Im sure another one will come your way someday. You guys are such a good Mama and Daddy. Hope she is feeling better. Ummmmm. . . can you send your V.Teachers over my way around dinner time tonight? Yummo!


i was so worried. it's heartbreaking when your little helpless baby is so sick. she (and you) was in my prayers and I did call the temple to add her to the prayer roll. So hope that helped some. :)
Still sorry you missed your trip


Mixed emotions here.
Happy sissy is better now, sad you didn't get to go on your trip.

I'm sure she'll make it up to you :)
And I hope you get to go somewhere warm soon.

We'll be in Utah March 20th, if you'll hang with us?