Monday, February 22, 2010


Valentine's Day is always fun and I enjoy having a day to celebrate LOVE!
It is also special to me as 8 years ago Ry proposed the day after V-day just to throw me off his trail. Turkey!
Ry outdid himself first by taking the big girls Lys and Bella out on a daddy daughter date Friday night to Ihop and Kangaroo Zoo! This is my favorite tradition our fam has started.
Saturday was Mama's night out with dad complete with flowers, a trip to a yummy Thai food place / a movie, and a couple gifts!! He had made me promise not to get him anything and "honor his wishes" and so I didn't (except a little gag gift) so I kinda felt like a jerk. However, we had a great long overdue date and loved every minute of our time together! My sweetheart
V-day breakfast!!
The big girls out on the town during their daddy daughter date!!
At Ihop on their date with Dad!
Special V-day do!
Lyssie's do!
Can you feel the love?!?!?!


Mands Glenn

AHhh what a sweet post. Ry, you are such a Romantic. I love when my Jage takes the girls on Daddy Daughter dates. I love Thai food. Where did you guys go? We had our favorite in Utah and miss it!

OHhh and I love the new song on the blog

The Loftins

Manda we went to the Thai Village in American Fork. It was our first time there and our fave was the Masatman Curry -yum!!


cute. i love that ryan takes the girls out. so cute. i took the kids out this year -- but it would be cuter if their daddy did it. hopefully soon his schedule won't be so crazy and he could follow in ryan's footsteps. :)
He also needs to follow in Ryans footsteps by taking his lady out and getting her gifts. ;)
Glad you had a great valentines!