Sunday, June 27, 2010


Our First trip to Disneyland was splendid and full of twists and turns.
Right after we left our house Ryan was on the phone (working) with someone important and I heard a strange but somewhat familiar noise in the back and turned around to see Izzie barfing up her entire apple she had devoured right before we boarded the SS Loftin not even on the fwy yet. Pulled over and took care of that little mess and on to St. George we were.
The next day we drove the rest of the way to Irvine where we were staying at the Hyatt. No puking hooray!!
Dad and Lys patiently waiting for the tram.....
Can u tell this crew is a little excited!!
Just off the Peter Pan ride and they loved it, then they had the misfortune of going on the snow white ride and are still mad at me for it.
Alyss, Mom, and booboo
Sheer happiness - this kid loves horses and would've been fine
just doing this all day long.
tea cups!
By far my very favorite pic from our trip!!
chillin in Minnie's pad
meeting beautiful princess Aurora!
If she could've granted a wish I would've wished for no more puking. However, on the 2nd and final night Lys started complaining of a tummy ache and loh and behold started barfing in the bushes at Disneyland during the firework show and again before we boarded the tram to go our car that night, and again at 4:30am. The next morning when we were heading out to go home Ryan said he wasn't feeling well so I got my supermom cape on and got all the luggage, Ryan, baby, and the girls down to the car, checked out, grabbed some breakfast in the hotel and came back to the car to assume my position as driver and found Ryan BARFING in the bushes. I drove all the way home while Ryan had uncontrollable hiccups that lasted literally ALL day all while clutching his trusty barf catcher. Did I feel a little sick while all this was going on heck yes but I held my ground. You might wonder did we have a great time???? HECK YES we did!??!?! Did we mark our territory every where we went..... YES. Did we build lasting memories and strengthen our family bond......HECK YES!


The Hojnackes

Isn't Disneyland so much fun??? We had the unfortunate privilege of puking on our trip there over Christmas. Isn't it amazing how you still have a great time there despite of all that?!


I think it must be a right of passage to puke during your disneyland trip -- Addie did this last trip.

So funny about the Snow White ride -- we took Addie on it when she was 2 and they both refused to go on it this time. It IS pretty scary!! :)
Glad you guys got to go. I LOVE that place.
Hope you trip here goes much smoother for you. :)

Mands Glenn

oh my gosh what an adventure. I have barfing. I remember one trip we were headed from Az. up to northern Ca. and seriously like 10 minutes down the road one of the girls was barfing in the back seat. ughhh! Your girls looked so happy.