Friday, July 16, 2010

Father's Day!

This year we spent actual Father's Day driving home from California from Ryan's Grandma's Funeral so we didn't do too much celebrating that day. So the girls and I made it up to him the next day when he got home from work. We had been working on the sign for a couple weeks prior to Father's Day and the girls and I came up with an idea to play restaurant. He had no idea what or when we were going to do for Father's Day so it was fun to have it be a suprise. They both wore little aprons and hats (Bella a visor and Lys a crocheted princess crown) but you get the idea! Anyway, they greeted him at the door and Welcomed him to Loftin's Diner and seated him at our table, which had him laughing right away. We made his favorite Spaghetti Pie, homemade garlic breadsticks, salad, and he had a milkshake for dessert and we had a couple Hughson Football highlight videos transfered onto DVD for him so he could actually watch them again, which was a fun surprise!

I am very grateful for the father that Ryan is to our children for too many reasons to list. Just as an example as I write this he is downstairs (after a very long day driving home from Idaho where he's been almost all week) having a "Slumber party" with the's things like that that make me want to cry happy tears and make me feel very blessed in life.