Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rewind / Catch up on Summer time......

It was rough going in the beginning watching my frustrated child in tears/ until.........I looked up " teach your kid how to ride a bike" on youtube. I swear I LOVE youtube for its tutorials. After her Coach and I watched the video and got her out on the street with our newly learned skills, she had it down in a matter of a couple hours.

We went to California for Ryan's grandma Cassies' funeral in June. She was a great woman whom we are all missing dearly especially her husband of 62 years

Celebrated 8 years of marriage with this guy!

Lots of this going on over the summer with our cute friends/neighbors!!!!

Enjoyed a quick but much needed visit to Oregon!

Stood in line at Deseret Book in downtown Salt Lake in July on a 100+ degree day with my little troopers for a chance to meet Glenn Beck.

When it was my turn I thanked him for all he is doing and snuck a hug in there. He was very kind and asked each of my girls their names.

Mission Accomplished.

Ryan has a hard time finding people his own size to pick on but all his kids, neices, and nephews think he's pretty fun! This was Pioneer Day with the fam!

And Lys with her awesome swim teacher Jamie really made huge strides with her swimming and loves it.

Bella has not really ever loved swim but with the help of her teacher also named Jamie she is much more comfortable and had a ton of fun with it this year.

Ok now I feel better almost like I've been cleansed and I can move on to some more recent happenings! Thanks for making it all the way down this crazy long post!


Mands Glenn

8 years!congrats u good lookin couple.Andrea u look so pretty in that pic.I loved this rewind post bout summer.pretty sure our girls would b best buds with ur girls

Nicole Stucki

Love this post and your 3 little ladies :)! Did you get a new computer? We need to hang out again soon!


yay for Lys!! My girls learned to ride without training wheels this summer too!! They are very excited about that --- which I'm sure Alyssa is too! :)
Miss you guys!!


Paul is going to be SO jealous you were hanging out with Glen Beck! :)

Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for your family to get any cuter than they already are... then you go and do it!