Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Sister #4

I feel weird I haven't posted about this yet but we are HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!!!!!!!!! I'm really happy that I feel so happy and excited just now writing this, when I've had days like the ones I've been having lately. I have felt a little scared and questioning my ability of being a mother to 4 kids all under the age of 6, as Ry is gone a lot of the time with work. I am truly excited and grateful for this last baby to join our family.

We are due July 13th so I am almost 26 weeks right now and we have very solid evidence it is another little girl! And yes, just to be totally honest we were both hoping for a boy this last time around but we know that Heavenly Father is sending us all these precious little girls for a reason and we couldn't be any more in love with each and every one of them. We are all so excited to meet baby Samanfa as Bella lovinly calls her when she talks to her thru my belly and kisses her, can't wait!


The Hojnackes

Four isn't so bad if your older girls are good helpers! I have the girls unload and load the dishwasher, bring me diapers, fold and put away laundry, take care of Drew while I am in the shower, resting, or whatever. They love helping, and I'm sure your girls will too!

Nicole Stucki

Andrea you are THE best mom I know! I always look at you and think wow I should be more like Andrea! Oh and you failed to mention how freaking AMAZING you look. Seriously people you all should be jealous! I can't wait to meet this baby girl :).


your an amazing mama and another little girl will compliment your family perfectly.

plus, you make beautiful girls ;)