Monday, April 11, 2011

A Path of Destruction!

Well I have never (that I remember anyway) had a destructive child before this sweet little Thing #3 Miss Melayna Lynn came along......... For quite a while she has had the nickname Dr. Destructo for good reason. Let me show you the path of destruction. Look at that sweet, naughty little face, (hmmm...maybe its her diet!) #1) Whenever Mom wasn't looking she would stand on the dishwasher door unhinging the whole dishwasher from the countertop. (*Take note that now the bottom rack nearly slides out onto the floor, which I usually have to catch with my leg before it crashes). #2) This, like the dishwasher, has already been repaired once before. The first time it was a mere crack, this time she went for it all the way and my cute TV stand is now not so cute anymore.

#3) See anything missing above the slider?

Really I don't know that it's all her fault the child is 19 months with her father's brute strength I swear. These curtains she merely gave a good tug and down they came, right out of the wall.

#4) this is a favorite past time of hers also when Mom's not looking or upstairs and I know I should move them somewhere higher up but its sort of entertaining. Usually it's just the foil that is her fave but this time she was goin for broke and brought out the wax paper too!! Weeeee :)

#5) This was some of her best work yet. It was one of those days I felt like Wow my house is actually pretty clean for a change and I'm upstairs busy with something come down and at the bottom of the stairs see this little face covered in flour. I had to laugh knowing there was going to be a sweet mess waiting around the corner and sure enough, she didn't disappoint.
Thank you Melayna for keeping us entertained and laughing. Tough to be mad at that sweet little face.



hahahhahahaa omg. i completely feel your pain. Braeden is the EXACT same way. Dishwasher, check. Curtains, check. TV stand, double check. Currently he is working on crashing all his trucks and cars into every door and molding in the house. Shouldn't be too long before something crashes down!!!


Hahaha! I love it! I love the flour face and I just say, I have a dishwasher rack to match!


...Fathers brute strength... still laughing!


Andrea, I saw the link to your blog on Facebook. So fun to read over some posts and see your beautiful family. And congratulations on the new little girl on her way!

I am coming out to visit July 27 to Aug 16 and would love to get together with you! Do you have any plans to be gone during that time? I am also trying to meet up with a lot of other people so I will keep figuring things out as it gets closer, but I am determined to not be a bad planner this time!

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Cheri


wow.. i definitely know that feeling! PS when our tv stand door broke (exactly like that) clint fixed with a little wood glue and some clamps and you wouldn't know now that anything happened :) good thing she's cute!


love this post. wish i knew the girl!! darn you guys for leaving us. :)